Cassie’s Cover of the Year 2021

Book Cover Competition

The 5 x Prizes

1) The Winning Book Cover will be placed on Cassie’s Blog for 1 year under the title “The 2021 Book Cover of the Year”

2) The Winning Book Cover will be featured as the Cover Photo on the Facebook Page Cassie Loves Covers for 1 Year. A page that showcases unique and creative cover art from all over the world.

3) The Winning Book Cover will also be placed in the Facebook group Just Great Books for 1 year as the pinned post. A group where readers and writers give regular feedback on covers.

4) The Winning Book Cover will be used as the Header Photo & Pinned Post on the Twitter Account Cassie Loves Covers for 1 Full Year.

5) The Winning Book Cover will be Posted on the Instagram Account Cassie Loves Art.


This competition will accept entries from January 1st 2021 to December 31st 2021. The winner will be decided at 8pm GMT on the 31st of January 2022.

Please email the URLs that goes directly to your e-book cover image.
Also provide the title of your ebook, print book or audio book.
Also provide your Name and Email.
You also have the option of providing a Designer credit.
So simply pay the entry fee and email your details to :

Click the Paypal link below and pay the €5 entry fee.

We’ve looked at so many books over the years, I think I can tell the ones that work from those that don’t.
The 4 main criteria we will be looking at (Books Published in 2021):
1) Impact, or stopping power.
2) Portray the tone & genre of the book accurately.
3) Suitability to a selling environment.
4) Quality of typography and photograph.
So thank you all who entered last year & the best of luck to everyone in 2021 😀


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